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PU flooring

Polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane floor refers to polyurethane floor coatings with a new water or solvent free, no pollution ground function construction technology, prepared to meet certain requirement (high-end meetings or entertainment center focus on comfort requirements; industrial and mining enterprises focus on anticorrosive and wear-resistant requirements; food industry focus on high and low temperature resistance, logistics industry quickly put into use) of a class of floor, so it is particularly applicable to industrial and mining enterprises workshops, car parks, sports grounds and other non slip, anti corrosion, wear-resisting demands of floor coating.

Compared with epoxy flooring, polyurethane is the biggest characteristic is flexibility can be adjusted. Polyurethane floor with a certain flexibility, not only can provide excellent crack bridging, but also has a higher impact resistance, wear resistance, mechanical properties, resistance to UV ultraviolet and chemical corrosion and so on.


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