Fluorine PU adhesive 2602_PU glue for plastic track

Fluorine PU adhesive 2602

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Fluorine PU adhesive 2602

2602 Fluorine PU adhesive

2602 fluorine PU adhesive is NCO-terminated fluorine-modified polyurethane adhesive, used to bond a variety of rubber particles. For laying permeable plastic runway. Excellent

particle bonding properties, outstanding weather resistance,light resistance and characteristics of anti-out grain. Simply glue used on the market for about 70% of the amount, you can achieve excellent adhesion results. In the case of quality assurance significantly reduce the cost and environmental protection.

10mm+3mm Composition of breathable plastic track

High-performance fluorion PU adhesive 2602 is cherecterized by pure tire black EPDM granules and red plastic foundation varnish and red pulp.The same quality can be reduced by 10 -15% of raw material costs, and better elasticity, green.

Performance indexes:

Item Indexes
Appearcance Light yellowish transperant liquid
Viscosity Broolfield ,4#,25℃,mpas 3000±500
Density,25℃,g/cm3 1.05-1.08
Packaging 200kg/drum

Storage and transport requirements:

This product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid direct sunlight, transported and stored between -30 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, valid for a period of six months.

This product is easy to absorb moisture deterioration, once opened, should be used as soon as possible. If it can not be run out of timely, it should be immediately sealed and stored.

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