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environment - friendly Silicon PU court material

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environment - friendly Silicon PU court material

Silicon PU court material in compliance with GB18583-2008 environmental standards

Silicon PU court material in compliance with GB/T14833-2011environmental standards

Silicon PU court material

Product introduction:

Silicon PU stadium materials include silicon sealer, one-component elastic layer of silicon PU, one-component and two-component PU reinforcement layer silicon wearable waterborne topcoats. Have a good professional performance, construction convenient, long life, easy routine maintenance and other outstanding features which is an alternative upgrading product to the two-component PU, acrylic materials.

Product features:

1, Professional performance:

Unique two-layer structure, top hard and bottom elastic system with good shock absorption and resiliency. Special surface layer, with hard and tough, and there is a certain coefficient of friction. Players can make fast start, but also to ease the movement of the impact, safety and comfort for athletes with a safe sport venues, the stadium is the material of choice for the professional.

2, Weather resistance:

Material is silicone-modified polyurethane material stadium, a fundamental solution to the PU stadium bubbling, pinhole and other issues.As modified silicone, making the stadium with excellent weather resistance, not because of changes in the environment arising from fading, chalking, stiff, weak and so prolong the life of the stadium.

3,Practical performance:

The elastic layer and enhancement layer are one-component materials, and can be operated on the basis of asphalt or cement concrete foundation,easy operation; material with beautiful color, wear-resistant, non-slip, anti-aging, stain resistance and strong, not areas affected by climatic conditions and is a north-south general-purpose all-weather pitch materials, and easy maintenance.

4, Environmental performance:

Without remaining toxic chemical composition after cured, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, suitable for use indoors or in crowded places, in line with national environmental requirements.

5, Economy:

Integrated use of low cost, no special maintenance, easy to clean which is the best cost-effective products. Adaptability, can be used on a variety of solid ground, color, thickness optional. Old concrete floor can be laid upon the surface treatment of the product, greatly reducing the cost basis of the ground handling.


Silicon PU court materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball stadium, tennis stadium, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc., can also be used in the gym, and other recreational venues.

Store and transport requirements:

Should be placed in a dry place, away from sources of ignition; elastic layer and enhancement layer after opening a one-time run out, can not be stored again. Sealer, paint A component to be sealed after use, avoid direct sunlight. Valid for six months. Topcoat B component hygroscopic deterioration, after opening, should be used as soon as possible, if not run out of time, you should immediately sealed.

Construction technology:

1,Basic treatment

1.Polished: the concrete cement foundation protruding polished smooth place to cut a V-shaped groove joints;

2.Acid washing: base surface wetting with water, sprinkle with about 8% of dilute hydrochloric acid and wash the base surface, then rewash with water, and draw the water laps, cleaning the base surface should be free of white powder and floating loose thing;

3.Joints Treatment: after basis drying,filled with silicone sealant joints PU;

4.Patch: PU filled with silicone material, filling the venue depression (depression with no more than 5mm elastic layer increases the surface layer of sand dedicated 1: 1, diluted to a suitable viscosity, with a ruler or a scraper scraping leveling water Department; if the water depth of more than 5mm in place, you should use a sealer coat in the water at the sealer and then add 40 to 80 mesh sand 1: 6-8, mixing evenly, smooth paving in the plot water Department and compacted), reduce water phenomenon.

2,Moisture barrier

The sealer dedicated to the concrete foundation is moisture barrier, play on the concrete foundation reinforcement and ground moisture barrier effect, especially on the basis of return sand remedy is obvious. After sufficient drying sealer basis points more than the base surface road roller,principles form the bright side after brushing the base film so far, less than adequate place to be painted up to date.

Silicon PU elastic layer

Silicon PU elastic layer should be carefully examined to confirm the pre-construction foundation properly processed to make this layer construction.The elastic layer is one-component material,simply adjust the proper construction of consistency with thinner (xylene), coated with a tooth scraper to scrape the base surface, each no more than scratch coating thickness 2mm, every road scraping time interval before a dry solid prevail (usually about 12 hours, depending on the site weather conditions) until the required thickness painted blown.Note leveling effect when scratching, scraping teeth if not leveling marks, need to pay more thinner consistency adjustment to ensure that the surface leveling. If the temperature is low (<10 ℃) and low humidity (<50%), the need to add 3% to 8% water and stir evenly coated scratch, so shorten the time to dry, add water subject to site specific weather. Summer construction should be avoided in the hot sun, otherwise there will be bubbling phenomenon.

4,Silicon PU reinforcement layer

Silicon PU reinforcement layer is also one-component material, construction methods consistent with the elastic layer. The surface is smooth and requires dryness, if mixed with debris or unevenness in the construction process must be carried out finishing smoothing surface construction, general construction only one.

5,Silicon PU wear-resistant topcoats

Wear-resistanttopcoats is concentrated by colored synthetic resin based coating, is the venue of the surface, this material is a two-component material, the construction does not require the addition of water (under special circumstances, especially if the temperature is high, it can add no more than 5% of water), it forms a weather-resistant wear layer style self-knot pattern in the surface of the site, so the site has a good sense of movement and can reduce surface reflections.

Surface coating will not fade, it will not hit the ball and wear.

Construction process for this layer:

1.The wear-resistant topcoats A: B = 10: 1 ratio of the exact ingredients, stir well, add 15 to 20% of quartz sand (120-200 mesh) material in paint mixed, stir evenly coated with short hair roller cloth on the reinforcing layer.

2.After the first pass drying, abrasion resistant finish A: B = 10: 1 ratio of the exact ingredients, stir, add 8 to 10% quartz sand (120200 mesh) material in

3.The wear-resistant topcoats A: B = 10: 1 ratio of the exact ingredients, stir with a short nap roller evenly coated directly on the second layer abrasion resistant topcoats.

After construction is completed, the surface is automatically formed naturally beautiful lines, with better slip resistance, improve the safety factor movement. Construction Noted: component A has green amd red color namely the construction within the designated area. After stirring this material, you need in one hour (up to no more than 2 hours) after use, otherwise there will be quality problems, so do not too much disposable ingredients. This layer acts as: increase the wear resistance of the surface layer of the stadium, control the ball and the coefficient of friction, slip, so that the site has a good feeling of movement.

6,Draw a line

Standard size measure position, mark the boundaries of the location, along the boundary with masking posted on both sides of the court, with a special marking paint brush in between textured paper, to be torn textured paper surface to dry.

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