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Sealer L

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Sealer L

Sealer L

Product introduction:

Sealer L is a one-component moisture curing polyurethane, high film strength after curing, adhesion, abrasion resistance outstanding, can be used for flooring, silicon PU stadium primer, closed effectively play the role of isolation; color can also be used as a non-slip surface finish and other ground locations.

Product features:

Good compatibility; mixed with paste, ensuring its color uniformity after brushing;

High construction performance, excellent cost-effective and suitable for roller, brush, spray and other construction methods;

Outstanding abrasion resistance, UV, anti-aging ability, to ensure the stability of post-construction performance;

High mechanical strength; the cured polyurethane rubber, solve other extreme weather, high temperature paint, cracking paint exists delamination and other defects.

Performance indexes:

Item Indexes
Appearance Slight yellowish transperant liquid
Viscosity Broolfield, 1#, 25℃, mpas 25
Density,25℃, g/cm3 1.2
NCO% 2.4
Packaging 25 kg / 250 kg/drum

Store and transport requirements:

Sealer L should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid direct sunlight, between -30 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ transportation and storage, valid for six months. This product is easy to absorb moisture deterioration after opening, should be used as soon as possible, if not run out of time, you should immediately sealed.

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