wear-resistant paint

wear-resistant paint

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wear-resistant paint

Product introduction:

Wear-resistant paint is water-based acrylic, silicone resin emulsion hybrid hydroxyl. The curing agent is a water-dispersible polyisocyanate curing agent. Wear-resistant paint and curing agent are water-dispersible ingredients, no benzene, toluene, xylene and other organic solvents, formaldehyde-free, free TDI, toxic heavy metals. Non-toxic and non-irritating odor, water-based environmentally friendly, paint film, excellent wear resistance, good flexibility. This product has excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance, suitable for the preparation of concrete as inorganic grassroots and reactive resin (epoxy, polyurethane) matt ground floor and wear-resistant silicon PU stadium paint.

Product features:

Performance indexes:

Wear-resistant paint

Appearance Green liquid(color is changeble)
Solid content(%) 40±0.5
Density 25℃ g /cm3 1.02-1.05
PH value 7.0
OH content About 2.4
Viscostiy 25℃,mpas 500~800
Packaging 50kg plastic drum

Curing agent CN-1

Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
NCO content 22.5±0.5
Density 25℃ g /cm3 About 1.15
Viscosity 25℃,mpas 2200±300
Packaging 20kg iron drum

Mixing ratio:

Wear-resistant paint:curing agent=10:1

Construction requirements:

  1. Before using this product should check the stadium floor in strengthening layer surface coating or the presence or absence of impurities, pitting, if the application surface impurities overall grinding machine grinding, before construction will wipe off the dust after sanding the surface;
  2. Wear-resistant paint and hardener according to the mixing ratio, with an electric drill for about 3 minutes, until completely dispersed;
  3. Dispersed after rolling were available haired roller or sprayer for spraying to paint is dry (about 2-3 hours) which people can stand on then can use a roller or spray a second time. For the second time,do not finish the construction of the first pass with a hard object to scratch;
  4. After construction is completed, the site will be closed, 5-7 days to reach the final application strength.

Storage and transportation requirements:

Stored in ventilated and dry warehouse,avoid frost and sun. Between 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ transport and storage, valid for six months. Hardener easy to absorb moisture deterioration, after opening, should be used as soon as possible, if it can not run out of time, should be immediately sealed.

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