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Sponge City

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Sponge City introduction

Sponge City, science and technology make life better

Urban road is one of the main places of runoff and pollutants, and the urban road should meet the basic function of road to achieve the low impact development and control objectives and targets. Make full use of urban road itself and the surrounding green space implementation of low impact development facilities, combined with the cross section of roads and drainage direction, use of different levels of road lanes and sidewalks and parking and green belts, construction permeable paving, sinking greenbelt, grassed swales, rain water wetland, permeability tube .Channel Low impact development facilities, to permeate through the permeable road, storage, purification, low impact development, road control objectives.

Sponge city policy

Notice on carrying out the pilot work of the central financial support for the sponge city construction

Notice on the construction of the pilot cities for the construction of the sponge city in 2015

2015 list of cities in the construction of the sponge city .

Shandong Huacheng Hi-Tech adhesive Co., Ltd., the strive promoter of the natural environmental protection life, the ideal practitioner by using technology to implement .

Shandong Huacheng Hi-Tech adhesive Co., Ltd. is committed to professional sponge city technology research and development, promotion, production of raw materials and construction . Committed to using the leading technology to make people's lives better.

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