PB400 - Plate alignment adhesive


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Huacheng High-tech is specialized in plate alignment adhesive which is one of the largest specialized producers of plate alignment adhesive


The use of materials from a variety of vinyl monomers as the special agent. Host single component adhesive puzzle D3 meet European standards, can be used to separate plastic assembly. Two-component adhesive puzzle D4 meet European standards. Exceptionally good water resistance.

2.Technical indexes:

Group Host Curing Agent
Appearance Milky white sticky liquid Slightly brown
viscosity ≥10000cpa.s ≥120cpa.s
Solid content ≥45% ≥99%
PH value 5-7
Validity period 6 months at 0-40℃

3.Applying process and precautions:

1It is suitable for all combinations of solid wood board and glue.

2Host : Curing Agent =(weight ratio)10:0.5-1.5 respectively use.

3. It is now preparing to use applied for 60-120 minutes.

4. In summer curing agent can reduce and opposite in winter. 100:5-15 range between regulations.

5. Being glued wood moisture content should be below 12%, after good pressure and viscosity, the higher pressure, the higher the intensity. The highest adhesive 

strength would achieve after 24 hours.


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